Jem Doulton releases epic 10 minute long track "The Thingly Thing"

Jem Doulton has recently released an epic 10-minute long track, titled "The Thingly Thing" it even has a radio edit which still comes in at just under six minutes long.

What we love about this track is that when you listen to the long version of the track you feel immersed into it from the outset, as if you're taken back in time to the retro games of the 1980s (especially with the soaring and dark synths giving some nods to Stranger Things).

Another reason why this is an absolute bop is that Jem plays drums for Thurston Moore and Róisín Murphy, which only adds to why this is an exciting psychedelic come al;t-rock cut for the modern ages.

Around the six-minute mark you're lifted to a world of swirling synth noises, and if you're not the echoing of the drums will take you there, it's a wall of synths and electronic goodness for the next minute and ends with some almost industrial sounds. One thing is for sure, you'll never be ready for this track, and that's a good thing as it'll slap you in the face and take you on a whirlwind of a ride.