Kelaska releases her latest soaring single "High & Low"

Connecticut-based Kelaska today has released her latest soaring single "High & Low", which follows on from an astonishing 2020 that saw her have six releases get well over two and a half million plays on Spotify. 

Mainly her stats were simply put down to hard work and having solid production behind her too. So, the new tune "High & Low" sounds like it too is going to be up there with those six tracks, and as soon as you click play you'll know why.

it's music that can resonate with anyone who loves great music.

"High & Low" honestly blows all of her previous tracks out of the water - yes the majority are covers, but they're excellently done. As the track starts it feels as if it's a video game is loading, from the ambient city cafe noises, swiftly followed by a soothing air-raid siren. When her vocals come in the track starts to fizz with energy, clicks, and drums come in with a glistening guitar ensuring that no stone is left unturned - even the breakdown is sublime.

Speaking about the song she mentions - "High & Low is about coming to terms with a dead-end relationship. It's the moment of realization that this is not working and trying to get yourself to give it up."

Considering Kelaska has been releasing music for the past two years it sounds like she has refined her sound down to a stunning level, it's music that can resonate with anyone who loves great music.