Lemon return with retro anthem, "Shiiine On"

Amsterdam is the place where Europe goes to get its funk on, in the clubs, cafes, and on the streets. One of Amsterdam's other delights is Lemon, an incredibly funky band - that we've featured before - and they now return with a delightful new number, "Shiiine On".

The track title itself seems like an ode to Oasis' Liam Gallagher - regarding how he would pronounce the word 'shine' - with the song featuring guest singer Cath Coffey (of Stereo MC) the new tune is a summer anthem in the waiting.

"Shiiine On" reminds the listener of the good times in the 1990s with The Stone Roses and Primal Scream ruling the airwaves, and by the sounds of it, it feels like we've been taken back in time with Dr. Who to Manchester 1992, it's a sizzling anthem bathed in retro goodness.