Moon Museum unveils big and bold tune, "With You"

San Francisco's very own Moon Museum has recently unveiled their big and bold tune, "With You". Big and bold might even be an under-sell as you will be able to hear, the track is just huge!

Right from the start of the song you're greeted with a wall of guitars, it's very grungey in places but once the vocals come in they become borderline Brit-Pop, similar to that of Oasis' early work and even The Strone Roses, especially when comparing the vocals - they're just as hazy as Ian Brown's

"With You" has a very melodic approach but with the sheer atmosphere that the track beholds you're left hooked from the first second right to the end, it feels like a fast train ride through beautiful scenery.

Towards the end, the guitars kick up a bit more with even more soaring guitar tones backed up with the driving basslines we've been hearing from the very start. It's a very dreamy track that transcends the Atlantic, even though this band is from California they can easily slip into the British music scene without anyone noticing. They really are a band that has used their strengths well and have crafted one heck of a dreamy track with atmosphere to boot!