No Suits In Miami release dreamy new single "Buffy"

Swedish outfit No Suits In Miami have released their new track "Buffy" just yesterday, however, since it dropped we've been sinking our teeth deep into it. There's plenty of dreamy guitars hooked laced throughout and right from the outset the tone of the song is bright and full of wonder. Once the vocals come in the tune feels a bit more washed out, almost surf-pop vibe but that doesn't hinder it whatsoever.

No Suits In Miami have crafted a dreamy Indie-Rock tune with plenty of haze, thus giving it one heck of a drive from start to finish. Speaking about the song the Lund-based quartet mentions " ... "Buffy" is a song written on a cold November evening and was never meant to feel so summerlike. But the energy made us put on a thick layer of sunscreen rather than a warm winter coat. This song will be on our upcoming album released later this year."

If this is a taster of what's to come then be sure to stick around for the album!