SOMEFINN unveil sizzling track "Starlet's Dream", lifted from their debut album "...Tsk, Tsk..."

Hailing from the Emerald Isle - Ireland to you and me - County Louth based SOMEFINN have recently revealed their debut album "...Tsk, Tsk...", and one of the standout tracks is the incredibly sizzling track "Startlet's Dream".

The band starts way back in 2016 where they all met via another band, sadly they called it quits and SOMEFINN was born out of the ashes, and my goodness it sounded like the world needed them.  
As everyone knows in the English-speaking world, the Irish are some of the nicest bunch of people ever, and by the sounds of it, they have the world at their feet. 

The album is a little slice of majesty with "Startlet's Dream" as its centerpiece, it's just over three minutes worth of pure indie-rock goodness, drizzled with sizzling melodies to keep you hooked, thick bass, and dreamy guitar hooks. If there is a band to keep an eye out in Ireland for it'll be SOMEFINN!