Bonetired share vibrant new single "Part Time Chase"

Falmouth's Bonetired has a sizzling new single, "Part Time Chase", and from the outset, it's a vibrant rock-pop tune. The trio has been working hard on their sound ever since they came onto the South West of England's scene, and within the first year, they filled venues in their country, earning a solid reputation along the way.
Bonetired are on the cusp of something amazing.


So, "Part Time Chase", it's a straight-to-point affair with some almost Blur-sounding basslines, anthemic signature guitar lines that their fans have come to love, and a real pulsating drumbeat that will most certainly get your foot tapping. 

With some love thrown their way from Spotify UK Editorials such as Discover Weekly and New Music Release Radar the band is on the rise, and with the vibrant "Part Time Chase" now out it won't be much longer before they'll be selling out venues further afield in the UK, Bonetired are on the cusp of something amazing.