Faded Shades drop their anthemic new single "Second Guessing

Faded Shades drop their anthemic new single "Second Guessing". The tune is laced with anthemic and crunchy guitar tones with a delightful acoustic guitar also prominent, reminding almost of a song by DMA's. 

The trio hail from a small town in Kent called Swanley, and as far as I'm concerned they're the best act to come out of the town, and one of the finest rising bands currently in Kent - based off this track as their back catalog so far.

Speaking about the single the band mentions " ... Second Guessing" is a rock stomping tale of a love turned sour", and I have to agree. With lyrics such as "In fact I've had enough / It's time's like this I wonder darling / if you've ever been in love", enhancing what the band mentioned in the quote.

To be quite honest, if the trio is making songs like this early into the band's history then I certainly want to be listening to them in the future. So if you'd like to be one of those guys... listen to them now before they get bigger!