Hyooman shares debut single "Half Brain"

If you grew up listening to music in the UK over the past 20 years then you'll love Hyooman's debut single "Half Brain". The debut single from the Minneapolis alt-rock outfit screams early Blur mixed in with dreamier hooks that you'd expect to find in Primal Scream's work. 

It's a delicately balanced affair with the vulnerable and hazy vocals of Leng hooking you in from the start, all laid upon some lo-fi guitars which add to the texture of the track. And, let's be honest, for a debut single this is up there with the very best in regards to how they capture their sound all in one short but sweet single. 

Best news comes in the shape of that they're already working on their debut album, no doubt spurred on by how brilliant this debut single came out. If you love "Half Brain" - and I'm sure you will - then be sure to head below to check it out!