Maury111 drops dark-pop anthem, "Erase"

Maury111 is a Berlin-based producer/singer-songwriter and has released his first track from his forthcoming debut album "Desert Temple".

Known to his mates as Benjamin, his vocals are incredibly dreamy and as smooth as cream flowing over oil. The track is incredibly dark and has synth-heavy instrumentation mixed in with industrial-sounding drums and beats. 

"Erase" sounds like the perfect blend of Thom Yorke's vocals, Grimes' dark pop soundscape, and deep-house grooves. To put it simply, it's a wonderful track to delve into, especially on a long drive or late at night, it's almost psychedelic the way it keeps you hooked in. You get transfixed into the visual for "Erase" down below, and in our ever updated Spotify playlist too.