Micah Thunder shares bright new tune, "High"

Albuquerque's Micah Thunder has recently shared his shimmeringly bright new tune, "High"

He doesn't hang about with the intro to the song, as there is hardly any, straight into a bridge and you have a taste of everything that Micah is all about. We've got some acoustic guitar, drapes of electronic sampling spattered on the track, with some drumbeats that you'd expect to find in a Bastille track.

The chorus is rather anthemic and gives you something to slap on repeat as you can't help but smile when you listen to it, we know we did. The more you delve into "High" the more you find, if you listen carefully you'll be able to hear some steel drums and plenty of haunting backing vocals. 

Speaking about the song Micah mentions - " ... "High" is a soaring anthem crushing self-doubt and shame. What challenges us reminds us that we are alive. The struggle of life invites us to grow." 

"High" is putting Micah Thunder on the map, be sure to follow him for more alt-pop tunes such as this!