Pirates Of Radio shares punk driven single, "PREY"

Pirates Of Radio have recently shared their dark and punk-driven single, "PREY". The single is the fourth track from the Frankfurt-based quartet, and could quite possibly be the biggest and most atmospheric track they've released to date.

Being located in Dubai, Thailand, and Germany while creating this track the sound the foursome have combined is bordering huge. WIth haunting vocals backed up with warm and wallowing guitar lines to the trip-hop drum patterns and punk undertone, they sound like they've combined a good few genres to create their infectious sound.

If you're a fan of Massive Attack and Deftones then this will be right up your street and is a true testament to the internet as the four members have never been in the same room together. With pure isolation from one another they have accidentally stumbled upon a new sound that'll entice not just be, but many many more people.