Bares releases upbeat new cut, "Hercules"

Bares has recently released her upbeat new cut, "Hercules", which is the first single from the Australian-based musician this year - and is her fourteenth ever. With a massive and solid back catalogue backing her up, this song shines rather strong versus her previous work, the pop goodness here is next level.

Bares kicks off the track with a sprinkling of synths and her sweet vocals - which are on par with the likes of CHVRCHES. It's a track which is suited really well for the summer evenings with the tone of the track being just as bright, laced with high toned synths, crisp drums and even some guitar lines in the latter half.

With over half a million Spotify streams to her name already it sounds like "Hercules" will be adding considerably to that tally - so head on down below to get lost in this gorgeous electro-pop bop.