College Elite release thrilling new single, "The Way It Used To Be"

Manchester based College Elite has recently released a thrilling new single, "The Way It Used To Be", and right from the outset you're in a fast-paced track with garage-rock hooks and punk undertones. The band is the project of Joshua William and sounds so damn massive, even his back catalog slaps as big as this, chunky guitars and crashing drums a-plenty.

The song is the title track from his debut EP, which follows on from the well-recived duo of singles preluding it, with the debut "Stupid Questions" being more of a lo-fi jam and the second single "Disaster" sounding exactly like what you'd expect from a Manchester vocalist, raw and emotive.

It sounds like Joshua aka College Elite is building something great here, and after listening to this thrilling tune we're going to be keeping an eye on him for sure.