Daniella Spadini unveils debut track, "Part Of You"

 Residing in Boston in the USA is Daniella Spadini, and recently she has unveiled her dreamy and chilled-out debut track, "Part Of You". The single has been out just for two weeks, but has already gone well past the 15k stream mark on Spotify - with it rising daily - and there's no wonder why!

Her vocals are arguably the main event, with her tones caressing the music and warming up the listener's ears. It's all backed up with some wonderful guitars, simplistic drumbeats, and more acoustic instruments such as a piano and even some strings to give it that atmospheric touch.

Considering this is a debut release it has really taken me not long at all to like what I hear, and you too will certainly be following her even more once you hear "Part Of You" - so head down below to get into it.