Edward Sansom shares anthemic new track, "Suck It Up"

Brighton singer-songwriter Edward Sansom has recently released his dark and guitar-driven new single, "Suck It Up".Speaking about the single Edward says: "The song reflects my feelings of isolation in a digital world. It acts as a circuit breaker to all the noise".

If you want to compare the track against a couple of bands it'll Foals with the tight guitar work, funky bass, and vocals, however, the other band would be fellow Brighton outfit, Royal Blood. Why I hear you ask, well the chorus is so damn sexy, guitar-driven, and full of hooks - just like a Royal Blood track.

As we all know Brighton has an amazing music scene with emerging artists left right and center, however it sounds like a young Mr. Edward Sansom is making waves - and for all of the right reasons too - so head on down and let "Suck It Up" take you in.