Honeyflux share thrilling new single, "Hourglass"

Newcastle always has been a special place for me, and as of the past five years, so many amazing bands and musicians have been coming out of the city. 

Honeyflux are from the City upon the Tyne river and they've recently shared their thrilling new single, "Hourglass". The track has an almost off-kilter intro, but before it gives way to clean vocals laced upon dreamy guitars and a wonderful backdrop. As it carries on the pace also picks up, with the driving drumbeats kicking it forwards before bursting out around the two-minute mark.

The guitars remind me strongly of The Maccabees on this new single, even though it's not one of their major influences I definitely get that vibe off of them, and much like the aforementioned band from Brighton they're also not afraid to mix things up. "Hourglass" is certainly one of those tracks you'll be bopping along to in no time, it's groovy, funky, and yet has a massive indie-rock sensibility about it to keep you grounded - remember the name, Honeyflux.