Joshua Zero shares punchy single, "Your Eyes Are Fighting Me"

London's Joshua Zero just last Friday shared his punchy single, "Your Eyes Are Fighting Me", which is his third single since the debut, "Barbed Wire Eyelashes" and the follow-up "Yellow Teeth Red Skin".

Joshua has been one of those artists who's been working hard since the start of 2020 and is now seeing the fruits of his labor. With him and his band having strong live performances it now sounds like they've managed to transfer the energy into "Your Eyes Are Fighting Me".

"Your Eyes Are Fighting Me" has got a lot of angst behind it, giving it a slight punk feel while keeping to the far gentler indie-rock principle of warm guitars and fast drum patterns. The track sounds like it would be perfect for a Tony Hawk Pro Skater soundtrack, as it's got some late 90's and early 00s sounds thrown in there too.

Reflecting on the single Zero says "I wrote that without any instruments, I just wrote the lyrics when I was in New York and it was weird because I could hear the chorus clearly. It was just all about the shit I heard and experienced in New York."