Lissy Taylor returns with the sensational new single, "Carefree"

Stoke singer-songwriter Lissy Taylor has returned with her brand new track, "Carefree". The new track is a vibrant new slice of music from the artist, as it sees her use some elements that you'll find from the likes of HAIM. There are some gorgeous guitar tones draped all through the track, and when the chorus comes in the single is lifted up to anthemic status.

Pic by - Natalie Willatt

Now, we've had her previous single on the site and with the release of "Carefree" it sounds like Lissy is aiming for the festival stages. It's a fizzing indie-pop track with lots to shout about, and let's not all forget about her vocals, which are captivating as ever.

Her EP is due out this Friday - July 30th - and is certainly going to be an EP we're eager to listen to. With a strong back catalog already the future ahead is looking bright for this singer-songwriter.