LIVSKA returns with dreamy single, "Stranger"

Melbourne artist LIVSKA has returned, and with her Stranger Things inspired track, "Stranger". Right from the outset, it's got a very 1980s feel about it, especially when regarding the tones of the synths. The guitar lines also are rather warming - much like the Australian sun - and with her soothing vocals caressing it all we're left with a dreamy pop track deserving of the title of an out-and-out dream-pop track for the modern ages.

With the debut track being picked up by lots of zines and playlists it really sounds like LIVSKA is just getting started - we can't wait for more!

Speaking about the song LIVSKA mentions - "With this release, I really wanted to combine my love of 80's pop music with my dreamy sound. I wanted this song to make me feel how I felt when I first met someone special"