Love Ghost shares video for punk influenced track "Shine Like Gold"

Love Ghost has shared the punk-influenced new track "Shine Like Gold", which has already got well over 400k plays on YouTube alone. Lead singer Finnegan Bell says - "We all have a part of us that shines through, that shines like gold. This song celebrates that uniqueness in all of us." 

The Los Angeles outfit has also got well in excess of two million plays on Spotify, mainly down to their blend of emo, trap, grunge, and punk elements with "Shine Like Gold" being a great introduction to hear what they're all about, especially considering they produced this on their own.

"Shine Like Gold" is one of those new genres of music that's slowly working its way into our world, dark punk vibes laced with RnB elements. The vocals are delicate and yet raw with plenty of emotions being it, it truly is no wonder why they're getting so many plays, with tracks such as this being dropped every other month I'm sure after a year or two you'll be seeing them play at Coachella for sure!