Lunarcode release vibrant new single, "Cuttin' the Cord"

Coming out of LA, California is Lunarcode with their smashing new track, "Cuttin' The Cord". It's a real throwback to modern rock, with the sounds being something that an early 10's rock fan would love, especially with the big vocals that remind us of Panic at the Disco!

Having been formed in the midst of the pandemic the trio has had more than enough time to work on their music, and following from the vibrant debut single "Heartbreak" is this new slice of rock. It's more akin to the pop side of rock, however, has enough bass slaps, twinkles of guitar, and crunching tones to get you in the mood for endlessly playing it. 

They've made a sensational rock tune here, and by the sounds of it they're aiming high - so go give them some love and check out "Cuttin' The Cord".