MELÓ unveils breathtaking new single, "Cigarette Scars"

London based singer-songwriter MELÓ last week revealed her third ever track, titled "Cigarette Scars" it follows on from two solid singles and confirms that she's the real deal. Coming out of London is always a bit tough, but this Canadain/Hungarian certainly knows how to write an alt-rock track. We've got crashing symbols, fuzzy guitar lines laced with her sweet vocals. If you wait for the chorus you will be blown away by her majestic voice.

Speaking about the single MELÓ mentions - "[The song has] lyrical themes focussed on mental illness, manipulation and abuse. Raising awareness, while also simultaneously creating a safe space for her audience to express their personal struggles with these topics."

It's certainly a tender track, and has hints of early Wolf Alice about it mixed with 90's Radiohead. MELÓ sounds like she's going to be an artist who'll be sticking around for a while, so instead of waffling on for too long, be sure to check out the tune and share the love on social media!