Mikara shares new electro-pop tune, "Wildfire"

Coming from Lodi, CA - which is well known to me for its wineries - Mikara has recently shared her new and atmospheric pop tune, "Wildfire".

Her vocals are definitely the main event on the track, with Mikara's vocals soaring above the instrumentation, however, there are a few vocals shifts going on. The multi-layered vocals in the bridge add to the atmosphere of the track and especially in the chorus she's just so punchy and direct.

With the combination of her vocal range, processed beats, and atmospheric twist there are strong comparisons to that of Lykke Li and Charli XCX. With three singles under her belt now - and each track getting more exposure - you need to be sure to keep an eye on this rising Californian artist.

Speaking about the single Mikara mentions - "Love starts as an innocent flame, something beautiful to behold but it can easily get out of control and destroy you. I tend to become so fascinated by that flame that I go all-in with my heart, ignoring the fact that I’ll probably be the one to get hurt in the end"