Prïnceps unveils new single, "Song 2.5"

With over 200k plays on Spotify Prïnceps have returned with their first track of 2021, "Song 2.5". The new tune fuses a few genres together, and from the first play you know you'll be listening to it again as there's so much going on.

We've got some Ska/Spanish guitar-sounding guitars mixed in with electronic elements to the deep basslines you hear on Metal-Core tracks. The chorus sums up the band beautifully, as they're one not to stick to one type of sound - if you've not already discovered. 

If you had to pigeonhole them then it'll be rather difficult, I'd have to say Anti-Skater/Rock as it's got the beats, angst, and soul of Skater-Rock but with RnB tainted vocals. With plenty of cowbells thrown in too "Song 2.5" is shaping up to beat the plays of its predecessors, and that's what I like about this duo, you never know what you're going to get, but rest assured it'll still be bloody fantastic.