Sisters In The Velvet share A/A side single "Capy" / "Love, Massacre"

Japanese outfit Sisters In The Velvet have recently shared their A/A side single "Capy" / "Love, Massacre", and from what we can hear it sounds like the Japanese music scene is thriving. 

The first of the two singles - "Capy" - is very 90's Grunge, think of a blend of the whirling guitars of The Smashing Pumpkins and the vocals of Nirvana and Sonic Youth. The second of the two tunes - "Love, Massacre" is a more subdued track in comparison to the former, and much longer too. The guitar tones in the intro are so dreamy, and when the vocals come in it's just equally as hazy. 

What it sounds like from this A/A side single is that the band certainly loves their 90s music and is not afraid to mix up their sound. I feel like we will be hearing a lot more from the Tokyo-based trio, and if they keep on dropping singles such as this then it'll be no time before we see them on the international stage!