Superlate drop vibrant new cut, "Petals" featuring Lou Cas on vocals

Liverpool's latest emerging producer Superlate have last Friday dropped their vibrant new cut, "Petals" which features the super talented Lou Cas on guest vocals. It's the producer's second tune, which follows on from the debut track "Diamonds", and certainly carries over the hype. 

The track has a lot - and I mean a lot - going for it, it's mainly a clean and crisp drum and bass-based track with some bedroom-pop vibes thrown over it, especially with the quirky synths. There's a subtle hint of Burial and Four Tet about this track, with the vocals feeling like they're helping to take you deep into the track as they're just so damn smooth.

With love from BBC Radio 1, Amazing Radio, and a whole host of playlists it honestly sounds like Superlate might be the next big producer to emerge from the UK.