Taylor Roche drops new alt-pop anthem, "All I Need"

Hailing from New Zealand Taylor Roche has burst into our world and has dropped his new pop anthem, "All I Need", which is laced with synths and soaring vocals.

The Aukland resident can be compared to the likes of The 1975, Bastille, and Hurts. We've got synths in abundance here with the bassline sounding like it's comprised of swirling synths laced with effects, his vocals are borderline angelic, but are so ethereal that they lift your mood up, no matter how you're feeling.

There is no doubt Taylor is a rising star on the New Zealand pop scene, and with five tracks already out for the world to check out, there's also consistency with his craftsmanship. If you're ever in Auckland and see his performing, go and check him out - we feel like the vocals will be even better in the flesh!