Xana shares vibrant new cut "Kitchen Light"

Vancouver's Xana has recently shared her vibrant new cut "Kitchen Light", which is her fifth song to date - however, while listening to the new bop you'd be forgiven that this song wasn't written for the pop-songstresses like Banks and the more electronically comparable MØ.

There's a lot of anthemic songwriters in Canada, with Xana being one of the latest in a long line of singer-songwriters that are taking over our playlists. 

"Kitchen Light" is a love song for modern times, with the listener ending up remembering the last time they fell in love. A rather emotional start to the song, it highlights how tender Xana's vocals can be . As the song progresses the tempo seems to pick up, and once it gets in the latter third you're in this 80's tinted pop world. 

With well over four million streams already on Spotify, the Canadian music scene has now got yet another worldwide phenomenon on our hands. The stats suggest we're onto another Grimes-level star, and the tunes are there to back it up, so head on down and wrap your ears around Xana's latest track - you'll thank yourself later, trust me!