Aaron Spencer reveals dreamy new single, "Incredible"

Cumbria's Aaron Spencer has released his commanding new single, "Incredible", and one thing that's certain from the start of the track is his vocals. They're distinctive and lean towards you right away to entice you into the dreamy indie-pop track.

The instrumentation he offers is gentle and is not too in your face, especially in the chorus the guitar tones especially are so smooth and heartwarming. The percussion track has a lot going for it too, with lots of moments to keep an ear out for.

Speaking about the new single Aaron mentions - "I had one of those nights out where I felt like I had seen it all before, the DJ was playing the same set and I was seeing all the usual faces. Going home feeling thwarted I had this idea wondering if there was a girl who lived miles away who thought like me and understood life as I know it. It started off being a song about escaping the small town in which I lived, as more lyrics were written it developed into a story about a long-distance romance."

One thing we love is the lyrics, they really paint a picture that is clear for the listener to imagine. His vocals are up there with the very best in the North West of England, and maybe that's why we loved this track from the very first listen.