BUKVE releases chilling debut single, "Let Me Go Son"

Hailing from Bergen in Norway we have BUKVE, and today he has released his chilling new single, "Let Me Go Son". What makes this track that much more special is that it's his debut.
For his first single this is nothing short of spectacular.
Photo by Trond Pedersen

Once the first minute passes by it goes from simply atmospheric to cinematic, you can easily see this song backing a montage of a tender scene in a Hollywood film. Dreamy vocals laced with haze are laid on top of gentle guitar tones, swirling synths and in no time the track gets ultra atmospheric.

Around the halfway mark the drumming enters the song, and with it building up slowly but surely it explodes into a majesty of noise, which sounds borderline Folk in places. Once the drums part way and BUKVE vocals stop you're left with the wonderful guitar playing out the single. For his first single this is nothing short of spectacular, so while you can - head to his socials and show this emerging Norweigan artist the love!