LEADR drops captivating new single, "I'm Alright"

California's LEADR has recently dropped his captivating new single, "I'm Alright". The song from the outset has vocals that will keep you gripped to the track right until the end. 

The chorus is super catchy, and the lead-up to it is rather sensational, with plenty of industrial, experimental, and electro vibes here there, and everywhere. It really is a kiss to your ears and is the perfect track to get into the dreamy pop music LEADR produces.

Speaking about the song LEADR said - "When I wrote this song, it was therapeutic for me because it was a good reminder that I had to sever these old cords to improve my overall well-being. Plus, it’s such a release knowing how to set healthy boundaries."

With love from Billboard and Spotify already the Californian artist is just warming up, follow him on the socials to be sure you don't miss out on one of the USA's rising vocalists.