Maisyn shares her dreamy single, "Pool Party"

Los Angele artist Maisyn has recently released her smooth and dreamy single "Pool Party". One thing that will have you longing for more is her dreamy vocals laced upon this hazy and soothing slice of pure indie-pop.

The single acts as her third release ever - but from the sounds of it I thought she's already headlined a festival based on the majesty of "Pool Party".

Pic by - Caity Krone

In "Pool party" we've got guitar effects that remind us strongly of "Every Breath You Take" by The Police, vocals that have a slight country hue to it, with smooth production backing it all up to ensures that this will be a track you will be revisiting sooner rather than later.

With the backing of several of the best new music websites in the world and placement on Spotify Fresh Finds, and Spotify Fresh Finds: Pop, it sounds like Maisyn is just getting started.