Mothé returns with dreamy new single, "Summer's Almost Gone"

California's Mothé has returned with a dreamy af new single, "Summer's Almost Gone". Their previous effort was "Dancing On An Empty Floor" which has now gone on to get well over 400k plays on Spotify, knocking on the door of half a million at the time of writing.

 "Summer's Almost Gone" is the latest cut and from the get-go, it's a fantastic slice of what Mothé is all about. We've got some dreamy vocals, akin to that of Beach Boys with the oohs and aah's, psychedelic elements draped on top with sparkling guitar lines that help to generate that summer vibe.

The track also acts as the first song on their EP of the same name. Even though Mothé is a one-person outfit, they generate so much atmosphere it's borderline unreal. So if you like what you hear, head on down and stream their EP too if you're at it!