Olympic Bingo share new track, "Clouds", lifted from debut album "Aloof"

Based out of Adelaide in Australia, Olympic Bingo has recently shared a rather immersive new track, "Clouds". The track is lifted from the debut album "Aloof", and is most certainly the center-point of the eight-track record.

The project is of one man, Will Bahnisch, and is the culmination of hard work, love, and sweat.

Ciara Walsh has her vocals being featured here and from where we're sitting we'd love to hear more collaborations between herself and Olympic Bingo. Their sound is a blend of the piano-centric Radiohead songs combined with the strings from 90's Brit-pop records (I see you fans of The Verve).

As the track evolves more you hear some psychedelic nods and those dreamy guitars are ever-present, giving you the grand vibe it sounds like Olympic Bingo was going for. Considering this is the first track I've ever heard by them it's safe to say I'll be revisiting this masterpiece sooner rather than later,.