Rival Karma drop meaty new track, "Honey!"

I have no idea why, but rock duos just love to kick up lots of noise, from The Black Keys to Blood Red Shoes to newer acts such as Slaves and Royal Blood. One thing they all have in common is absolute tunes, and that's where Rival Karma enters the room.

Their slick new anthem, "Honey!", is similar to that of Royal Blood's latest work, but with backing vocals to add depth, soaring guitar solos, and plenty (and I mean plenty) of oomph. Sitting in at under three minutes long this new single is radio-friendly, stadium-ready, and is fleshed out with hooks that'll have any guitar fan dribbling.

The best thing is the track is lifted from their sophomore EP, dropping later on this year. To be brutal for a moment it's no wonder they've written this tune, with love and praise being given to them from Spotify Editiorail playlists such as 'Volume' and 'All New Rock' being just two to mention, the sky seems the limit and already having toured Europe and the UK it seems like their fans are eager to wrap their ears around Rival Karma's new songs, and so am I.