sleepyhead are here with their exciting synthy-rock sound!

Yes, the title may sum it up but if you're having a bad day I'll repeat myself. sleepyhead is here with their exciting synthy-rock sound, and their track "Long Goodbye" is a fantastic snapshot into the band and their sound.

Having first released a body of music back in 2018 via their debut EP "Teenage Haircut" the band has gone on strength to strength, and in 2021 it sounds like they've found their sound. 

They've got some anthemic vocal hooks laced upon crashing drums and synths that take you back to The Wombats' second album, there's a strong early 00's indie-rock vibe here with plenty of sugary pop hooks. The Manchester duo may be a small outfit at the moment, but with songs such as "Long Goodbye" and their latest single "Centrefold" being a thrilling cut too, they're certainly on the rise! 

Both songs are lifted from their forthcoming EP, "Blue", follow them on the socials to keep up to date with them.