Songs for Sabotage unveil dark new tune, "Phantom"

Songs for Sabotage hail from San Francisco in California and they've today released their dreamy and dark new single, "Phantom".

From the outset you're welcomed into the track with deep bass tones, wailing guitars and haunting vocals. We've also got a drum-machine-sounding beat throughout the track, which helps to enhance the track with its industrial and dark vibe.

The visuals and the track itself was made by the band themselves, with additional camera work done by @goodtimerickstudios and @_bugbrainz_.

There's no denying that their brand of dream-pop is a lot darker than wha you'd expect, personally I'd call it midnight-pop. The vocals all of the way through the track really shine out, and the production values here are top notch, especially considering they've done everything on their own. So if you're in California any time soon be sure to keep an eye out for this talented duo.