Ben Steer returns with powerful single, "Indestructible"

Following a two-year hiatus from releasing music, Ben Steer returns with his powerful new single, "Indestructible".

It's one of those singles that hits you from the first second, as you hear his fantastic vocals from the beginning, going into the chorus within the first 20 seconds it gets very anthemic and sounds like a James Bond theme song, trust me, you'll feel it too.

With influences such as Imagine Dragons and Rag and Bone Man it's no wonder why the track is as huge as it is. Speaking about the single Ben says - "The lyrics speak of trying to move on from a relationship when you can see their every move on social media. The song questions how healthy it is to have access to everyone's lives at all times."

It's a fast-paced track even though it doesn't feel like it, we've also got one heck of a powerful chorus with thick bass, huge stadium-ready guitar tones, and very Muse-sounding vocals that can easily command an arena.