Brutalligators reveal new single "This House"

Punk-Rock outfit Brutalligators have revealed their toe-tapping new single "This House", which follows on from their previous single "Coffee & Codeine". The new single is a part of the Hertfordshire quartets debut album, and I tell you what this is such a huge tease. 

"This House" has a very melodic and retro vibe to it when it kicks off, with a TV announcer and crackling static laced over some delicate guitar tones, right before we get right into the mosh-pit ready rush. There is a big Frank Turner flavour going on with the guitar tones and horn section also giving the single some atmosphere.

I can easily see this track being a key element in their setlists, not just for now, but for their career for as long as they are together. It's a big, bold and charming punk tinted indie-rock track. So head down below and give it some love!