EMBLM reveals chilled-out new single, "Something To Believe In"

London artist EMBLM has today revealed his chilled-out new single, "Something To Believe In", which acts as his second studio track since the turn of 2021.

The song has some subtle haunting elements, such as the wallowing echo of vocals in the background throughout, almost whispering into your ear. There's a sense that EMBLM here wanted to keep the track as tender as possible as if it's a young child being caressed by its parents. It's smooth, inoffensive, and oozes sophistication.

If I was to compare the track to some major bands, I'd have to sit this alongside The 1975's more relaxed tracks, as the production values are just as sublime as theirs.

Speaking about the song he mentions - " ... "Something To Believe In" was written in the two darkest months of my life thus far: the lockdown of January and February 2021. It seemed as if it would never end". He goes on to say "As many will know, lockdown has been particularly tough on freelance creative types, particularly musicians. "Something To Believe In" covers many of the feelings felt during a lockdown: anxiety, desperation, but ultimately, hope."

We loved his music so much there's not one but two of his tracks in our Spotify playlist 'Pure Indie'. There's a lot of gorgeous elements in this track, and with fantastic production and superb mixing you can hear them all perfectly, and don't worry, I've not forgotten about the vocals - they're out of this world atmospheric.