Fonteray unveils shimmering debut cut, "Flash of Colour"

Coming right out of Brunswick (Melbourne) in Australia we have Fonteray with his shimmering new cut, "Flash of Colour". Right from the outset, it sounds like a track that was written to soundtrack a late night, we've got piano keys laced upon smooth synths and all backed up with some thick drum patterns, it's dreamy and both psychedelic - something we can certainly get down with.

Drew McCarty (aka Frontery) has some perfectly hazy vocals which really set the track out from others, it's like he's listened to enough psychedelic music to know how to pen a proper rhythmic beat. There's also echoes of Foals' latest work with the synth-work giving me that sort of vibe. With the backing of several zines, it's no wonder this rising Australian act is getting lots of attention.

"Flash of Colour" is perfectly balanced between Dream-Pop, Psychadelic and Synthwave - if you like either of those genres, this song will certainly give you the feels.

Speaking about the new single he says - "Many of the songs I have been writing for this project have been an exploration of my mid-to-late twenties - both the good and the bad. "Flash Of Colour" illustrates a positive shift in my thinking and the way I perceive a range of my experiences."