Kamora drop anthemic new single "The Answer"

Glaswegian outfit Kamora have dropped their anthemic new single "The Answer", the single acts as their first release of the year after a solid 2020 releasing two tracks and getting plenty of plays along the way.

"The Answer" is one of those Indie-Pop/Rock anthems that isn't in your face, but certainly still has plenty of punch to leave a lasting impression. The guitar tones here are especially wonderful as they seem to soar above and beyond ensuring that the track has a driving force from start to finish.

The vocals too are sing-along worthy which just enhances the track even further, I can easily see this track being a centerpiece of their live sets based on the chorus alone. If you're a fan of Blossoms then Kamora is certainly your cup of tea, their new track just showcases what they're all about, anthemic hooks, catchy lyrics, and with BPM that's perfect for any occasion - just stick it on now and enjoy!