miss anita drops debut single, "oh"

A new artist from the USA has emerged, specifically, miss anita, and they've recently dropped their debut single, "oh". Yes it's all lowercase before you get angry, but the music will certainly win you over if the formatting of the artist name doesn't

It's some proper gentle indie-pop with dreamy elements adorning it quite literally everywhere in the track. miss anita has some catchy vocals that are perfectly hazy, with some rhythms in the chorus that scream 'viral hit'. There's also a perfect balance between classic indie-rock sensibilities and synth sounds you hear on TikTok videos.

Speaking about the track miss anita mentions - "We love simple yet distinct melodies that are catchy. The song is about someone who is in an awkward relationship." It sounds like miss anita has created a new track to capture plenty of fans, and if the music stays at this quality we will be hearing a lot more from the San Antonio artist in the future.