NOVACUB return with "I Wanted To Keep You"

The London quartet NOVACUB has returned with their new single "I Wanted To Keep You". The new single is their third of 2021 and follows the trend since the inception of the band by ever-evolving their sound bit by bit with every release.

The new cut is more electronic-based, with a wash of synths being prominent throughout the track - although they could easily be guitar elements from Russell Lissack as we all know how good he is. All in all, it's more of a chilled-out track from NOVACUB, and shows another side of the foursome rather than all-out indie-rock, it's a welcome change of pace.

From lead singer and songwriter, Louise Bartle - "The track was written during the start of the pandemic which was quite a dark time for me personally. I’d just been through a traumatic breakup and was then stuck inside with my overthinking brain, it was the kind of breakup where you don’t hate the other person and they don’t hate you - in fact, I was left with loads of hope that we’d work stuff out, you can hear that in the lyrics. Each member recorded the track entirely from home - each of us added parts to the song from our bedrooms. This song fell out of us so fast we can barely remember writing it."