Ocean Flaws release soaring new single, "Hologram"

 Having graced the website before, Ocean Flaws have somewhat been on the rise since their debut single - "Deep Sea Dreaming" - was released in 2020.

Being from Essex this quartet isn't the kind of band to just sit back and relax after releasing a couple of solid singles, they want everyone to be shouting their name out, and with "Hologram" it sounds like they're nearly there.

It's got one heck of an 80s vibe to it, with the synths and airy vocals setting the scene. However, when it comes to the chorus and the bridges there's a lot of guitar hooks that will remind listeners of mid 2000's Indie-Rock outfits, think The Kooks and Bloc Party. 

Ocean Flaws sound like they're the real deal, and with soaring synth-laden anthems such as this they're on course to be one of the next big bands, we know it!