Slow Pass unveil hazy new psych cut, "White Knuckles"

Nashville duo Slow Pass have recently unveiled their hazy and 80s sounding psych cut, "White Knuckles". If you're wondering where the 80s vibe comes from, then look no further at their guitar tones and vocal hooks, they remind me hugely of Dire Straights which was a massive influence on me as a kid, so listening to this sends me back to one of my happy places.

The band, who are comprised of Ben and Adam have previously dropped two other tracks earlier on in the year, but this effort is a standout one for me. They've collected a couple of genres up here and made a track (and sound) all of their own. I don't think I've heard brass instruments mixed in with psychedelic elements, but one thing is that they've made it work so damn well.

As we all know Nashville, TN is a massive hub of amazing acts within the USA, and Slow Pass are once again proving that. If you like what you hear then head to Spotify to check out "Parking Lots" and "Tuesday Morning" by the band, they're equally as hazy, and as a collective trio, they highlight what the band is all about - get excited because we are!