Wild Love share their anthemic new single, "I Hate That I Need You"

Straight out of Nashville, TN is Wild Love with their anthemic new single, "I Hate That I Need You". The single acts as their second release of 2021 and is another reason why they're currently a rising act in their state.

Right from the start, there's evidence that the trio means business, we've got some raw and emotive vocals that remind of Van McCann of Catfish and the Bottlemen. Their music sounds massive as a trio, I imagine these songs sound even bigger when they're being played live, especially with those chunky basslines and shimmering guitar hooks adorning the track. 

This is why the website is still going, bands such as this really brighten up my day. It's no wonder they're getting the plays they are on Spotify, and they're already taking over the scene in Nashville by the sound of it, and it won't be soon until Europe finds out about them and embraces them!