Alexia Rev unveils her latest single, "Drop Down"

Coming out of Los Angeles in the state of California we have a rising star before us, none other than Alexia Rev, and she's recently dropped her bright and airy synth-pop anthem "Drop Down".

Her vocals remind me of a blend of Grimes and Lauren Mayberry (from CHVRCHES), with them backed perfectly with some sugary synth-pop goodness. The bassline is squelchy enough to get really stuck into, soaring keys and a fast-tempo drum beat keeps the listener on the edge of their seat. 

With a twinkling of bright guitar tones added in and "Drop Down" ends up being one of those tracks that transcend genres.

It's known that Alexia Rev is an 'anti-genre' artist, and it's clear to see why now! It really feels like it's hard to put this into a genre, but one thing we know is that it's electronic, synthy, and addictive. With her previous single, "Lemonade", being played throughout H&M stores and Target in the USA there's no stopping this Paris-born LA-based artist.