HōMLē reveals their dreamy new cut, "Outtamyway"

California's HōMLē has recently revealed their incredibly dreamy new cut, "Outtamyway". The new single is their third-ever single, however, by the sheer quality of the production, it sounds like they've been making tunes like this for years.

"Outtamyway" has got some elements that you'd expect to find in a Tame Impala track, with the vocals being beautifully projected onto the canvas of the instrumentation. The Boy-Girl vocals really help elevate the track even more, especially when they shift from one to another, almost making it feel like it's two tracks mixed together, rather the one song.

It's a kiss to your ears, a warm sensation in your head, and is simply beautiful from start to finish. If HōMLē keeps up making music as captivating as this they'll be all over the playlists, radio, and festival line-ups!